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The random location of our social identities in the complex matrix of privilege and oppression creates an additional layer of distress that co-exists with and exacerbates that which comes with the daily challenges of living. For many, these include circumstances of birth which may include:

  • Having been raised in a family that did not meet your basic needs for love and safety, which we rely upon to learn how to love ourselves and exist in the world without the on-going fear that one is not enough or that danger is always on the horizon

  • Having been reared in a society that taught, intentionally or not, that there is a hierarchy of human value, leading many to internalize feelings of inferiority due to their constellation of intersecting identities 

  • Having been born with neuroatypicalities that complicate learning, performing, and interacting, yet having been sold the myth that these characteristics were diseases to be eradicated

  • Living with chronic health conditions (including those affecting the way one feels, thinks, and behaves) that complicate life


I am most passionate about working with these clients. In short, I aim to help liberate you from the adaptive lie that you are anything less than worthy of thriving, with love and work that offer deep fulfillment.  My primary objective is to help you identify and utilize your strengths, so you may trek a pathway toward optimal health, toward the ability to thrive in life.


As a practitioner of Adler’s Pattern-Focused Therapy, I use individual psychotherapy to upgrade expired patterns in living among Black and Brown humans, cisgender men from all backgrounds, and LGBTQ-identified individuals who are navigating the following concerns:

  • Psychological Trauma

  • Working through grief

  • Seeking career advancement

  • Transitioning from one phase of life to another

  • Enhancing the quality of your relationships with others

  • Cultivating an upgraded relationship with your feelings  

  • Desiring to thrive, but feeling that you’re merely surviving

  • Wanting to talk with someone about gender identity or sexual orientation

  • Healing from internalized oppression (i.e., racism, sexism, heterosexism, ableism)


Additional services include: 

  • Psychological Assessment and collaboration with prescribers on Rx Management in the Tx of various psychopathologies (i.e., Depressive Disorders, Bipolar Disorders, D/O presenting with psychotic features, Anxiety Disorders, PTSD, AD/HD).

  • Licensure Supervision for counselors working toward their LPC in MO and LCPC in IL

  • Gender Confirmation Evaluations


Head of Practice & Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Dr. Courtney R. Boddie

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