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Step 1: Reach out to Dr. Boddie to schedule

Step 2: In preparation for your initial assessment, prepare the following documents, downloadable here:

  • Initial Assessment Questionnaire. This is a biopsychosocial survey of information used by your provider in contextualizing your presenting concerns. It will allow your provider to establish initial hypotheses of factors underlying problematic patterns in living and resulting pain as well as to conceptualize ideas on reducing symptom distress and enhance functioning.

    • Consent for Treatment in a Telehealth Environment​

    • Disclosure Statements, which include limits of confidentiality in a provider relationship

Step 3: Your Initial Assessment

  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the time your appointment begins.

  • During this session, your provider will engage in a review of your IA Questionaire, seeking to understand what brings you to counseling. We will seek to establish basic goals and determine your motivation level for change. Ultimately, you will leave with a provisional understanding of the proposed treatment plan and an outline of the steps conceptually involved in helping you to meet your therapeutic goals.

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